Victory International
Broadcasting Faith, Hope and Love Worldwide

Why donate to Victory International?

It all starts with a seed, and everything that is sown into Victory International is used to advance the Kingdom of God throughout the entire world.The mandate that God has placed on Victory International is two-fold. Firstly we have been commissioned to boldly preach, teach and proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom throughout the earth to see the sick healed, the broken restored, and the captives set free.

Secondly we strive to equip believers with the tools they need to live victoriously, exhort others to Godly living, and destroy the works of the devil in the earth today. We press diligently to train up Disciples of Christ - not simply to make converts to Christianity.

Through you generous donations and gifts we are able to extend the love of God through the many facets of the ministry which include, but are not limited to: free teaching materials offered through our website and church, physical aid through missions projects, local and international outreaches and charitable events organized through Victory Christian Centre, support of other ministries and non-profit Christian organizations and much, much more.

If this ministry has blessed or helped you in your walk with the Lord, we ask that you would in return sow financially, so that others may also experience the same freedom in Christ you have. As you sow with us, you will also reap with us; not only here on earth but in the life to come as well. As we take a bold stand for Christ Jesus, you are there right beside us and will be partakers of the eternal harvest! There is no amount too little or great to give; individually we may not always be able to sow like we desire, but corporately we will change the world for Jesus!


Support us through prayer

We understand that there are seasons where it’s difficult to sow, and though not everyone has the ability to give financially, everyone does have the ability to pray. We ask that you would bring us before the Lord in your prayer time today, as it is by petition and prayer that the true blessings of God are revealed and poured out.

Please pray that we would continue to glorify God through this ministry, and that we are continually led by the Holy Spirit; never straying from the will of the Father. Pray that we may continue as servants - blessing and helping others to become firmly rooted in the things of God. Pray that He would use us as a beacon of hope and light to draw the lost away from the enemy and that this would be an active, passionate, soul winning ministry that puts people first.