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1.) I don't see any banners, can't play video's, watch the live stream or listnen to any audio files:

If any of the above or all three apply to you, it is most likely that you do not have abobe flash media player installed. To keep the website fast and interactive, relies heavily on flash components. Adobe flash player is free, and doesn't take long to install. You can get the flash player here. Once downloaded (with your internet browser closed), double click the downloaded file and simply follow the on screen instructions. Once installed, re-open your browser and navigate back to us. You will now be able to access all of Victory's rich media content!

The menu in the media archives seems very jumpy:

Our media archives section has been designed using dynamic menus to encase each set of messages. This makes accessing media quick and allows room for endless future expansion. There is a known issue however with Internet Explorer 7 that can cause the menus to render incorrectly. If you are experiencing "jumpy" or "misaligned" menus, please download the latest version of Internet Explorer. We recommend however that you install Mozilla Firefox, as it is a faster and more secure web browser.

How can I watch videos in full screen mode?:

Videos can be watched in full screen mode through the Victory stand-alone video player. To open the stand alone player you must select the video you would like to watch in the media archives, rather then the player on the home page. Due to the nature of the homepage player, we cannot offer full screen capabilities on that page at this time.

How can I share videos with my friends and family?

To share videos with friends or family, simply click the share botton at the bottom of the main Victory video player. You can either enter your information there, click "send by mail" and it will open your default e-mail program, or you can simply copy the video url, and send it in the e-mail interface of your choice (ie. gmail, hotmail etc.)

When I wacth Victory live, the feed is slow and choppy:

Currently at Victory International we are using as our streaming service provider. While it is our goal to offer the best quality live streaming through our web site, there are sometimes factors out of our control that degrade the signal strength, speed and therefore decrease the quality of the stream making it choppy (or in rare-cases unwatchable).

When it comes to choppy video there are three possible scenarios:

A.) is having technical difficulties with their web site or servers.
B.) Our web site or server is having technical difficulties.
C.) Your computer or internet service provider is experiencing technical difficulties or your connection is too slow.

Unfortunately if is having technical difficulties there is nothing we can do until they have resolved the issue on their end. does receive a lot of traffic and many times this can cause a slowdown in the speed that information is sent to your computer. In this scenario, the amount of time before a steady signal returns is based on how quickly Ustream is able to address it.

If we are experiencing a slow or unstable connection here at the church, we will tweak the stream by lowering our frame-rate and bandwidth until we find a steady picture without compromising too much quality. This process may become lengthy as several changes may have to be made if conditions continue to change. In severe cases, we may stop the stream completely in which the player will revert to the victory welcome screen. In this case, the stream will start again in a few minutes as major changes are being made.

Finally, a slow or choppy connection may be due to a poor connection through your internet service provider. Victory Live is not recommended for viewers with dial-up or consistently slow internet connections. All videos are archived in our media archives and can be watched at your convenience if you cannot be with us live.

If you are experiencing a slow connection we first recommend refreshing your internet browser window. Many times simply refreshing the browser will cause it to properly re-connect to the live signal. If you are still experiencing a slow connection, you may have to reset your router or cable / DSL modem.

In the event that we are the cause of any prolonged technical issues, we will post a message on our live page to inform you on the situation and keep you updated on it's resolution.

If you have any questions that weren't answered here, please contact Tim McMorris, the webmaster.

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