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Scriptures (NKJV)

Scripture is God's Word. No matter what our problem may be, we can always find the solution if we take the time to look for it in Scripture. Remember, God's Word cannot fail. When you operate by God's Word and stand on His promises in faith, you cannot fail. Read them to be wise, believe them to be safe, and practice them to be Holy.
New - Healing Scriptures

Accountability Death Growing in grace Loving God Repentance
A Child's Duty Enemies Guidance Lust Righteousness
Adultery Envy Help In Troubles Lying Salvation
A Parent's Duty Eternal Life Holy Spirit Marriage Seeking God
Appearance Faith Homosexuality Meekness Self-Denial
Anger/Rage Fasting Honesty Mercy Selfishness
Bad Habits Fear/Worry Hope Money Self-Righteousness
Beauty Food & Clothes Humiliation Obedience Sexual Sins
Belief Forgiveness Humility Patience Shame
Blessing Freedom from sin Increased Life Peace Sickness/Disease
Children Fruitfulness Joy/Happiness Poverty Slander
Comfort Giving Kindness Prayer Submission
Conceit/Pride God's Correction Laziness Prisoners The Love of God
Contentment God's Protection Loneliness Prosperity The Word Of God
Courage Gossip/Rumors Love Remorse Trust

Note: All Scriptures are from the New King James Bible | New King James Version (NKJV) Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.