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Prayers overview

Prayer is powerful, prayer is decisive, and in fact prayer is necessary - it is a crucial tool for gaining victory over the kingdom of darkness. Prayer however is unfortunately many times misunderstood to be a highly complicated or sophisticated technique of getting God to hear us. This is not the case at all, though many have bought into this deception. Prayer, put simply, is communicating and communing with Father God. Prayer is letting God know what’s on your mind. Prayer is asking God, your source, to meet a want or need. Prayer is thanking God for His blessing, mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love.

This section is here to help guide you in faith-filled Biblical prayer. Each prayer has carefully been constructed upon a scriptural foundation. Remember that nothing is ever "written in stone" concerning these prayer. Take them and make them your own. Personalize them, and add to them if you desire. They are simply a guide to aid you as you deepen your relationship with the Lord and pursue His Kingdom on the earth.

Regardless of what you're praying for however, speak to God with a thankful attitude in a spirit of humility for He is the Lord Almighty. Speak also in honesty, with a sincere heart; casting all burdens on Him - as He is also our Father and our best friend.

Prayer for depression Prayer for finances Prayer for forgiveness Prayer for guidance
Prayer for healing Prayer for health Prayer for Salvation Prayer for wisdom