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Share videos with friends and family

Now you can easily share your favourite Victory videos with your friends and family through the "share" video player function on the main media player. To share videos with friends or family, simply click the share botton at the bottom left of the player. You can either enter your information there, click "send by mail" and it will open your default e-mail program, or you can simply copy the video url, and send it in the e-mail interface of your choice (ie. gmail, hotmail etc.)

Download audio messages with ease

Now you no longer need any compression tools to download our audio files. Simply select the message you want in the media archives and click the download button. You can save the MP3 file straight to your computer and play them immediately with no hassle! All audio messages are ready to go straight onto your mp3 device or ipod!

Victory Quicklinks

At the bottom of every page you will find the Victory quicklinks. These links will give you an "at a glance" menu to reach any of's main pages.

Easy online contact forms

Tired of the old e-mail links? So were we. That's why we implemented easy to use online contact forms. You can contact any member of Victory from a single form, or you can contact the church itself with a few clicks of the mouse.

Visit us on ustream, tangle, youtube and facebook

Victory International is expanding its outreach through, facebook, tangle and youtube. Many of our pages are still in their infancy, however they will soon feature a lot of the faith filled content you find here. So add us to your friends list, subscribe to our videos and help is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ throughout all the world!

Join the Victory mailing list

Get the latest information from Victory International by subscribing to our mailing list! With each significant website update you will be notified by e-mail. Special letter's from the Pastor's and announcements will also be occasionally be sent through the Victory mailing list. Join mailing list today!

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