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Leadership at Victory International

Leadership at Victory International

At Victory we believe God's mandate for every Christian is that we would continually grow in our ability to influence the world for His glory. As such, the leadership ministry is a group of  dedicated individuals committed to the people of Victory, God's vision for Victory and to each other as leaders.

We believe servant leadership is the highest call of a Christian and as each of us selflessly give of our lives for the purposes of God's Kingdom,
God will empower us to change the world.

Senior Pastors

Pastor Iain MacDonald

Vision: God has called Pastor Iain to an Apostolic Ministry where each person comes to know the personal mandate and significance of their life in God's divine plan for His Kingdom here on Earth.  His heart is to see each Christian grow into the fullness of their leadership gifting as God propels them into positions of great influence, both at home and throughout the world.  His life is devoted to building an environment that produces Christians who are fit for the Master's use, leaving none behind.  While at times challenging, Pastor Iain's messages are firmly scriptural as he looks through, with a confident expectation, to the manifestation of the LORD's Triumphant Church.

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Pastor Tina MacDonald

Vision: While gifted by God in the Prophetic Ministry, Pastor Tina's heart yearns for each Chirstian to come to know and experience the fullness of God's purpose for their life.  Her life's example provokes each of us with a passion for the things of God, as we search out and find the will of God for our lives through the power of prayer.  Her desire is that each of our lives would be a witness to others of the goodness of our God.  Pastor Tina's ministry demonstrates an intense personal relationship with God as she instructs us in Prayer and Intercession, Holiness, Righteous Living, and a Personal and Life-long Commitment to the Kingdom of God.  While God uses her strong teaching gift, it is common for her to minister out of a Holy Spirit inspired prophetic flow. 

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Family Ministry

At Victory, we believe in Family Ministry, that God does not only draw individuals into His call but He, in fact, often calls entire families.  This does not mean that each member will necessarily assume regular responsibility to preach from the pulpit, but rather that everyone has a significant expression within the work God has called them to.  When Pastors Tina and Iain accepted God's call to begin this work in Fort Erie, it was a family decision.  Each of them knew the individual cost and responsibility it would require.  Their children, Alex, Jessica and Elizabeth, formed the original leadership team at Victory and have proven to be indispensable members of the work.  Their dedication and personal sacrifice has demonstrated their commitment to building and demonstrating how glorious ministry can be when everyone is involved.

Alex MacDonald Pastor Alex MacDonald
Youth pastor, music ministry, Elisha project

Joined Victory in it's infancy

Personal Vision: To bring the love of Jesus to a hurting generation. To empower people to find and walk out God's plan for their lives. To help raise up a generation of warriors to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. To influence the world through music and media.

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Jessica MacDonald Jessica MacDonald
Music ministry, Elisha project

Joined Victory in it's infancy

Personal Vision: To train up the next generation with the message of faith. To be used as a vessel to help others be lead into the presence of the Lord

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Elizabeth MacDonald Elizabeth MacDonald
Music ministry, Elisha project

Joined Victory in it's infancy

Personal Vision: To see young women become all they were called to be in Christ. To lead people into a life of victory through Rhema Therapy. To bring people into an intimate relationship with the Father in worship.

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G12 Leadership

Term 1 - Members who joined G12 leadership in or prior to 2003 (Alphabetically):
Carrie Kantymir Carrie Kantymir
Pastoral Care

Joined Victory in 2003

Personal Vision: To love His people as Jesus would love them. To encourage and challenge each person to serve with the gifts God has given them to help this hurting world.

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John Pecoraro John Pecoraro
Pastoral care, usher's ministry

Joined Victory in 2003

Personal Vision: To preach the good news to the poor, bind up the broken hearted, proclaim freedom to the captives and release from darkness, for the prisoners.

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Ro Pecoraro Ro Pecoraro
Pastoral care

Joined Victory in 2003

Personal Vision: To love and serve the people and see them free from the fears of this world.

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Josie Rossi Josie Rossi
Pastoral care, Hospitality ministry

Joined Victory in 2002

Personal Vision: To fulfill the Lord's plan for my life and to see people saved and serving God.

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Mario Rossi

Mario Rossi
Pastoral care, Church Maintenance

Joined Victory in 2002

Personal Vision: To see people live the abundant life that God has provided for them.

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Patty Turke Patty Turke
Bible school, Pastoral care, media ministry, bookstore

Joined Victory in 2003

Personal Vision: To help the body of Christ grow and become mature sons and daughters of God.

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Term 3 - Members who joined G12 leadership in 2005 (Alphabetically):
Sunny Mealing

Stanislava (Sunny) Mealing
Usher ministry

Joined Victory in 2003

Personal Vision: To help people reach their God given potential.

Chrissy Piorkowski Chrissy Piorkowski
Bookstore, media ministry

Joined Victory in 2005

Personal Vision: To raise a family devoted to God and His cause. To reach out to the orphaned children of China.

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